Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a replacement if the account isn't working?

Sure thing! We're pretty sure that you'll be satisfied with your purchase.

Where to see the methods?

If there's any, you can find them in the products description.

How to leave a feedback?

You can leave the feedback after purchase, on the same page you see the delivered goods.

What can I do with the accounts with CC linked?

Basically you login and place order using that CC. Imagine that you can place 50$+ order with an 2$ account? What a deal!

What payment methods do we accept?

Crypto, PayPal, CashApp.

Is there warranty on the products?

Sure thing. for all products it's (24h), for streaming it's (7 days), for gift cards it's (2h). For email access accounts it is 15 minutes only!

How to fix payment failed on cashapp?

1. Don't pay with card/bank. 2. Use Cashapp balance instead. 3. If still not working, pay with Cashapp btc and choose to pay with cryptocurrency in the site.

What countries I can use the account linked to CC in?

US & UK. & Canada for most producrs. IHG/jetBlue/GameStop are worldwide. You can confirm with us by creating a ticket before purchasing.